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Gaza Freedom March Breaks Thru Media Blockade

Gaza Freedom Marchers, persisting today against being blockaded into their hotels by state security, and kept from marching in downtown Cairo, had several rallies.  They broke through the media blockade as well, and into mainstream western media with their message of support for the people of Gaza, and condemnation of the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Gaza Freedom Marchers, Cairo

Gaza Freedom Marchers, Cairo

In Gaza Freedom March…A Call to the World, Alan Goodman covered the actions, noting the repression under which they happened

Tens of thousands of Egyptians and tourists saw the March, and the story is all over the news in Cairo (photo at right is tonight’s Cairo paper). More and more  Egyptians are coming up to us on the street, expressing support for the protest in different ways. It appears that some Egyptians joined the protest and at least one may have been singled out and abducted by Egyptian security.

At the same time, Palestinians and international activists on both sides of the Erez border crossing from Israel protested the siege and blockade of Gaza by Israel, according to Al Jazeera.

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Marching for Gaza Freedom, Stuck in Cairo

Many World Can’t Wait friends and supporters are on the Gaza Freedom March.  An offer by parts of the Egyptian government to let only 100 of the 1300 marchers into Gaza was ultimately rejected earlier today, so the March is still in Cairo.  For days the riot police have not allowed them to gather, meet, and get organized.  A hunger strike started Tuesday by some of the marchers began to break through into mainstream US media, including the NY Times today.

Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada was interviewed this morning on Democracy Now, describing the difficulties the March encountered from the Egyptian government.

Revolution writer Alan Goodman is blogging from the revolutionary communist perspective, bringing us inside a tense gathering of the Egyptian Journalist Syndicate, a kind of protest rally as press conference, and introducing us to the police-state conditions the opposition faces there.  Alan made NYC news a year ago when, during the Israeli attack “Cast Lead” on Gaza, he went in front of the Holocaust Museum here with a banner saying “”After the Holocaust, the worst thing that has happened to Jewish people is the state of Israel.”

Veterans for Peace members Bill Perry (posting photos) and Mike Hearington (posting updates) are there, my longtime friend Sarah Roche-Mahdi of Cambridge; Laurie Arbeiter, Sarah Wellington and Tarak Kauff brought banners and the “We Will Not be Silent” shirts in Arabic.  And friend Ann Wright is one of the principal organizers of the Gaza Freedom March.

Sami Abdul-Shafi writes in the Guardian (UK) yesterday, This is not humane. We need dignity, about the conditions facing the people of Gaza under siege.

We had wood-fired coffee next to the rubble of my friend’s family’s former homes – all levelled during Israel’s three-week war on Gaza that started one year ago. His only source of income, a taxi, was crushed by Israeli tanks during the assault. He agonises about how his children no longer respect him as their father. He is unable to provide them with the security of a house and an independent family life; they lost everything.

The US “war on terror” is modeled on the Israeli war on the Palestinians.  The whole of it is illegitimate, immoral, unjust.

Salute to the Gaza Freedom Marchers!

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