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Grief is No Reason for Bigotry & Unjust Wars

I’ve just been asked by a reporter what “good” came out of 9/11/01.  She was pushing me to give viewers in the Middle East a sense that not everyone living here hates them because they are Muslim.

Most people living in the U.S. don’t hate people because they are Muslim, despite the destruction on 9/11/01.  But there’s a dangerous movement, nurtured by Fox News, much of the Republican Party, Glenn Beck and others who believe 1) the president is Muslim and/or hates white people; 2) Muslim=terrorist and not “real” American, or in other words, not “white Christian.”

This movement has brought screaming mobs outside sites of planned mosques in New York and Tennessee. Weeks ago, a taxi driver in New York was slashed with a knife by a passenger who asked, “Are you Muslim?”  Construction equipment at a mosque under construction in Mufreesboro Tennessee was burned, and shots were fired near the site, where a protester said, “We’re at war with these people.”

A Tea Party Rally 2010

This dangerous atmosphere began the day after 9/11/01 when thousands of Muslims were swept off the streets of NY and detained without charges, and accompanies the two longest wars of U.S. history with terrible killing & dislocation of civilians.

The movement against Muslims and mosques and the “Islamization of America” has as its core demand a “white, Christian America” and for a US empire dominating the world.  With their ideological brethren waving guns at immigrants in Arizona, and Glen Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on the site of Matin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, this right-wing movement is neither “spontaneously” coming up from the people, nor is it going away.

While a preacher in Florida threatens to burn the Koran today, we, as people who want an end to the wars, and who care about humanity, have to come to grips with the reality that our government has spent nine years and $3 trillion dollars burning readers of the Koran.  The United States has been building ‘ground zeroes’ near mosques since 2003.

We need to stop these unjust occupations, stop killing civilians, and send a different message to the people in the Muslim world.

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