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Photographers Will Risk Felony Charges to Photograph Oil

TUESDAY July 6 7:00 pm

Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster Report Back & Strategy Meeting

First Unitarian Universalist Church 5212 South Claibourne Avenue @ Jefferson, New Orleans, LA


Photographs and Report from Jake & Nicollette of the past 3 days of oil sightings in Florida & Alabama

Plans for responding to the clampdown on media (see below).

Strategizing further independent actions; fact-finding and speaking tours of the gulf.

On top of the lies and cover-ups about the oil disaster by BP and the Obama administration, it was revealed this weekend that the cover-up goes further every day:

“From Orpheus Reed: On July 3, 2010, the Coast Guard announced the federal government has imposed a new rule that will prevent journalists or anyone else from getting closer than 65 feet to any clean-up operations, equipment or vessels in the Gulf of Mexico without prior permission.  People violating this rule will be arrested and charged with a class D felony.

This rule will mean journalists will be essentially prevented from taking pictures of oiled birds and other wildlife or sea life contaminated or killed in areas where clean-up is being done. It will prevent the world from further seeing the scenes of marshlands fouled with oil if they are surrounded by oil booms, and from taking close-up pictures of oil booms laying ineffectually in the water as beaches are fouled. Now showing the world the impacts of the gulf oil gusher is punishable by jail and a fine of $40,000.”

More on BP’s own “reporters” from Kevin Gostzola: BP, Government Blocking Press from Reporting Their “Ballet at Sea”

BP has “reporters” working for them, producing stories on the oil disaster that they contend are not being covered by media organizations.  The reporting consists primarily of puff-piece accounts of the damage, how awesome it is to be flying over the damage and looking down at the wetlands that the oil will likely spread into and further destroy. It consists of celebration of the tourism the Gulf coast has to offer and a profile of tourists who have not canceled their vacations. And, it glamorizes the service of the National Guard who have helped BP militarize the Gulf and turn areas into off-limit zones that members of the media are not allowed to venture into…”

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