Join Me to Stop “Stop & Frisk”

On Friday, October 21st, I plan to join in a non-violent civil disobedience action as part of a new and very important, courageous, campaign to stop “Stop and Frisk.”

I am answering a call issued by Cornel West and Carl Dix to engage in non-violent civil disobedience to stop this illegal policy of the New York Police Department.   Carl and Cornel say:

The NYPD is on pace to stop and frisk over 700,000 people in 2011! That’s more than 1,900 people each and every day. More than 85% of them are Black or Latino, and more than 90% of them were doing nothing wrong when the pigs stepped to them…WE ARE STOPPING ALL THIS.  YOU MUST JOIN US IN DOING THAT.

To be clear, I have never been stopped or frisked by the New York police solely because of my appearance, as 1,900 men are, every day, according to the New York Civil Liberties Union, who is also fighting “stop and frisk.”  I haven’t been thrown up against a wall, detained, questioned or jacked up solely because I fit a vague description. But, I don’t want to live in a city where people have to go through this.

I have been arrested over the years, but so far, solely in the process of protesting injustices ranging from U.S. wars of occupation to murders by police, or the targeting of abortion providers by people who wanted to kill them.  I believe people have to take action to stop injustice.

That’s exactly why I’m joining Carl, Cornel, Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, Rev. Stephen Phelps, Rev. Omar Wilks, and others in an action to stop the NYPD from what they say is a practice which is “illegal, racist, unconstitutional and intolerable.”

Carl Dix, interviewed today in Revolution, described why he, Cornel and others decided that mass resistance to “stop and frisk” is necessary

The intensifying brutality being enforced in the inner cities is like a slow genocide that could be accelerated.  This must be met by unleashing resistance that is broader, fiercer and more determined.  And unleashing this kind of resistance around Stop and Frisk in NYC on October 21 and nationwide on October 22 would have a powerful positive impact on the situation.  It could speak to very real questions people have.  It can bring to the people occupying Wall Street a sense of how the police brutally enforce inequality and oppression 24-7 in the ghettos and barrios across the country.  And it can address the question many oppressed people have of whether there are any forces that would stand together with them in fighting the hell the system brings down on them or are they alone in this fight.  This resistance could contribute to creating a sense that things really don’t have to be this way among a diverse and growing section of the people.

So, all of you who want to do some good, who feel beaten down, or who feel unstoppable, join this action in some way.

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Send a support statement to

Join us in taking the action, or come along to cheer us.  As the call says

If you are sick and tired of being harassed and jacked up by the cops, JOIN US. If you have had enough of seeing your brothers and sisters, your cousins, your aunts and uncles and fathers stepped to and disrespected by the cops, JOIN US. If you don’t want to live in a world where people’s humanity is routinely violated because of the color of their skin, JOIN US. And if you are shocked to hear that this kind of thing happens in this so-called homeland of freedom and democracy—it does happen, all the damned time—you need to JOIN US too—you can’t stand aside and let this injustice be done in your name.

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  1. #1 by Pearl Barkley on October 24, 2011 - 1:21 pm

    My name is Pearl Barkley and for at least 4 years as a member of Mothers Against Abusive Policing (MAAP), I have struggled against Stop and Frisk and other forms of abusive policing. I am happy to see that people of fame are taking up this issue because it will now be taken seriously although this issue is not new and is reminiscent of Slave Codes, Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. Police brutality was also a major issue for members of The Black Panther Party of Self Defense and the Black Liberation Army where many of their members have either been killed, died in prison, or still face imprisonment after more than 30 years! I live in public housing and as many may not know, the news reporting being what it is, there is a class action lawsuit against NYC and the New York City Housing Authority regarding their policing practices. The last info I read, the class action lawsuit still was not totally settled. At least 5 individuals in my community have also sued NYCHA/NYC or NYPD (I am not sure) for being arrested and charged illegally. The major key is not to fall into the trap of pleading to a Adjournment for Contemplation for Dismissal (ACD). At community meetings I have informed NYPD that under not circumstances will my NYS ID be used as a South African pass circa time of Apartheid for permission to be in my own community! As a consequence, if I am sitting in my community or merely run to the store, I do not carry ID. Power to the PEOPLE! THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES!

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