Dennis Loo’s new book: “Globalization and the Demolition of Society”

My colleague on the Steering Committee of World Can’t Wait, Dr. Dennis Loo, has a new book on a huge topic, even for a sociologist, Globalization and the Demolition of Society. It’s really several books in one, and ambitious.  You wouldn’t expect less, since his last book was Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush & Cheney.

Dr. Loo does more than recount the destruction of the global environment on the altar of capitalism-imperialism. He goes after the fundamental flaws in the ideology of the people who run this country.  I can imagine students walking into his class with the typical mindset that, with all its flaws, “at least the United States has democracy and freedom.”  And, bam, suddenly those assumptions get challenged. Think of this book as that course, without the quizzes and homework, but with the back-up material.

This brother is brave, and he has not lost his 60’s roots. From the introductory pages, he criticizes postmodernism and religious fundamentalism, both Christian and Muslim, and goes on to show their philosophical affinity…to which I say, hallelujah.  Anyone with a university education in the last 20 years has to have been deeply influenced, and possibly paralyzed by postmodernism; even those who have no idea what the term means are infected with the idea that “reality is what you make it.”  Loo compares this to a religious view:

“Reason and science present obstacles—instead of indispensable tools—to literal textualists’ preferred agendas for the planet. Reality, to religious fundamentalists and postmodernists, is what you make it. Reality is what you (or God/Allah) will it to be and want it to be. Postmodernists believe that the notion of truth ‘is a contrived illusion, misused by people and special interest groups to gain power over others.’ Facts ‘are too limiting to determine anything.’”

In contrast to that philosophical framework that denies it’s possible to determine what’s objectively true, Dr. Loo argues that it is necessary, and possible, to understand and confront what is objectively true, an important distinction if we want to act to change the world.  That in itself is a huge contribution.  And that’s only the first book within his book.

Dr. Loo tackles the underlying why and how of these outrages which I call systematic crimes. If enough people read this book, it could help change the course of history.

For the rest of September, a portion of proceeds from the book’s sale will go to World Can’t Wait.  So please order, and ask your library to order one also.

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