Attacking Muslims Inside & Outside the U.S.

Time magazine asked last week, “Is the U.S. Islamophobic?” They covered screaming mobs outside sites of planned mosques in New York and Tennessee.  Since then, a taxi driver in New York was slashed with a knife by a passenger who asked, “Are you Muslim?”  Construction equipment at a mosque under construction in Mufreesboro Tennessee was burned, and shots were fired near the site.  A supporter said the vandalism “‘takes it to a whole new level… Everyone in our community no longer feels safe.”

According to the New York Times yesterday, “A group of teenagers in western New York has been accused of harassing members of a mosque by yelling obscenities and insults during evening prayers for Ramadan, sideswiping a worshiper with a vehicle and firing a shotgun outside, the authorities said Tuesday.”

No, most people living in the U.S. don’t hate people because they are Muslim.  But there’s a dangerous movement, nurtured by Fox News, parts of the Republican Party, Glenn Beck and others who believe 1) the president is Muslim and/or hates white people; 2) Muslim=terrorist and not “real” American, or in other words, “white Christian.”

The group massed in front of the so-called “Ground Zero” mosque on August 22; the armed crowd at the Arizona border to Mexico threatening people who provide aid to immigrants; and the large crowd parked at the Lincoln Monument to hear Glenn Beck Saturday share these sentiments, and are being led to act on them.  See Glenn Beck Could Happen Here and Glenn Beck, the “Founding Fathers” …and A REAL Radical Alternative.

Meanwhile, not based on the demands of the people, our government is waging war on countries which are primarily Muslim; has held thousands of Muslims in indefinite detention and under torture; singles out Muslim prisoners in special “Communications Management Units” in the federal prison system.  Both this president and the last repeat that they are not at war against Islam…but government actions and “grassroots” sentiment from the right say otherwise.

On 9-11,  a flag-waving rally to stop the  “Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero” will feature Bush’s former ambassador to the UN John Bolton and Geert Wilders, the Dutch fascist member of Parliament who wants a ban on mosques in The Netherlands.  World Can’t Wait will is part of a coalition opposing the attacks on Muslims and mosques, Stop Islamophobia in the U.S.

Only one U.S. citizen, so far, is on the Obama administration’s t0-be-killed list, as we noted in the Crimes are Crimes – No Matter Who Does Them statement published this spring.  We are heartened that the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights has filed suit against the U.S. government, on behalf of the man’s father, Nasser Al-Aulaqi, to stop the targeted killing.

Civil Rights Groups Challenge Targeted Killing By U.S.

“The United States cannot simply execute people, including its own citizens, anywhere in the world based on its own say-so,” said Vince Warren, Executive Director of CCR. “The law prohibits the government from killing without trial or conviction other than in the face of an imminent threat that leaves no time for deliberation or due process. That the government adds people to kill lists after a bureaucratic process and leaves them on the lists for months at a time flies in the face of the Constitution and international law.”


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