Like a Line You’ve Heard Before

My friend Curt Wechsler (World Can’t Wait Steering Committee member and editor of just sent me a link to Marianne Williamson on Huff Post Saturday:

The whole Obama phenomenon brings up memories from my distant past: the good-looking guy who talks real good, whose line you don’t buy immediately but whose charm is so dazzling that he gradually convinces you that this time it will be different.Yeah. Right. Really different.

All the romance advice books tell women to stay away from that kind of guy.  Once burned, twice shy, and all that.  Seems like there could be a whole genre of books with advice to the Obama-burned.  “He’s just not that into you”;  “Self-Defeating Behaviors: Free Yourself from the Habits, Compulsions, Feelings, and Attitudes That Tie You to Democrats”, etc.

I don’t share Williamson’s fondness for what she sees as the one-time moral force within the Democratic Party.  She sees civil rights legislation, and I see the old segregationist crackers who fought it.  But she highlights some of the reason to feel spurned, and has some insights here:

Democrats seem to have no idea what dark wave is rushing towards them in the form of the 2010 mid-terms. They have no idea how many people will be too depressed to go vote, who’ll be thinking, “We tried so hard last time, and what did it get us?” They have no idea how many people are thinking, as I am, that it’s time to face the facts, no matter how painful they are. If Obama doesn’t retrieve his spine and retrieve it soon, then his Presidency will go down in the history books as one of the biggest disappointments in American history.

And she ends, sticking to her own advice to face facts, with:

I don’t know what we should do, but I know one thing that we shouldn’t do: pretend to ourselves that this man is delivering on what he promised when he first won our hearts.

Even if your heart is broken, my advice is, yes, face facts, and get with the resistance to this very bad direction.


  1. #1 by Emma on January 6, 2010 - 5:32 pm

    yes, Obama is just not that into you. I like that metaphor. People’s relationship with the democrats is really like an abusive relationship. People keep saying that they want to leave them but then they come back.

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