Final Update from Debra on Roe V. Wade Day in DC

Debra and I  just spoke  and she gave her final report of today’s events. She is glad that she was there and said it was worth being there. She was very heartened by the young feminists she met who she says were on fire and jumped right in to counter the antis.

At the heighth of things at around 1 pm there was about 100 pro-choice and abortion rights activists. At that point Terry O’ Neil and Debra spoke. Debra says it was difficult to hear at times.  But later just before the antis marched it quieted down and the group of 100 gathered at the plaza and Debra spoke briefly about importance and necessity to take on this fight to protect abortion rights and stand up for women. She then asked the crowd why they had come today and passed around the mic. One person was from El Salvador and another from Chilie. This was very striking and moving as abortion is illegal in Latin America. There were students from American University, George Town University, George Washington University and Catholic Universities. There were also young staffers from Feminist Majority, NOW, and Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Debra spoke to a lot of young anti-abortion people. Ages 15 and up. She was struck by how their lines are always changing. Many of them did not have good arguments to come back at her with. She pointed out that many of them are being told a bald faced lie: they’ve been told that abortion is killing huge proportions of women when in reality denying women the access to abortion and birth control is what kills women.

Many of the young people from the universities that came out to stand up for women and abortion rights have asked Debra to come speak at their schools. They are excited to hear that a film is being put together that features a talk by Dr. Susan Wicklund, abortion provider and Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution newspaper.

Debra will be writing more later about todays events so stay tuned for that.

  1. #1 by Lina on January 22, 2010 - 6:57 pm

    Wish I could have been there! Thank you to Debra and all 100 abortion rights people standing up to the hordes of antis. It is so important that you were there today.

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