Here’s what’s happening at the face book event Celebrate Roe V. Wade Day. Here’s a comment from someone:

we should make this an annual event at every state supreme court in the land and also need to revive the March 10 National Day in Support of Abortion Providers.
30 minutes ago
I just recieved word from Debra. It sounds like a crazy scene there. But You know us World Can’t Wait folks will go anywhere and stand up when humanity is threatened!
She will be contacting me with more later, but she reports that there are middle school children holding up sign saying that “Women do Regret” Well, we regret that the minds of children have been twisted that they would negate women as part of humanity…so we’re out there to change their perspectives.
When i was on the phone with her I could hear the holy rollers singing in praise of trampling on the rights of women…yikes! So glad Debra and the gang are out there!
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