Supporting Dr. LeRoy Carhart v. Anti-Abortion Threats

In August, 150 of us gathered in Bellevue Nebraska when Operation Rescue called Dr. Leroy Carhart it’s “Target #1.  Their turnout on the weekend was small, but they’re well-funded, and serious about ending abortion access in the U.S.  They did everything possible — an ultimately, incited murder — against Dr. George Tiller in Wichita.  Dr. Carhart had worked in Dr. Tiller’s clinic for more than a decade.

In early December, Dr. Carhart announced that he’s set up his Bellevue clinic to provide abortions to women in later second term, and, in the case of medical necessity, the third trimester of pregnancy.  This means that women who’ve had to place to go since Dr. Tiller was killed, now have an able, caring physician.

And it means Operation Rescue is renewing their targeting of him…not based on any concern for women, but on ruthless, unprincipled crusade to stop all abortion and birth control access.

We sent a petition to Jon Bruning, the Attorney General of Nebraska, last week, demanding that he not cater to Operation Rescue’s phony complaints.  Here are a few of the comments 1500 supporters posted:

I find it quite ironic that the same people who want “government out of their lives” are also those who are proposing to have the government stick its nose into a woman’s belly!  Ilse Hadda, CA
Thank you Dr. Carhart for continuing the work that our Doctor once did. Kansas misses Dr. Tiller. Kansas appreciates YOU. Keep fighting! Kari Ann Rinker, KS
Dr. Carhart is clearly doing what he does out of deep concern for women’s health, and respect for the difficult choices some women have to make. I think the state of Nebraska should support the ethical and lawful work that he does, and make sure he isn’t continually harassed by baseless legal challenges. Emily Hines

I am heartened to see more than a few men have signed this petition. Thank you, Dr. Carhart, for your courage and concern for women’s lives. For every one person writing here, there are thousands who support you. Mary Truchelut, FL

We’ve got to remind people that it’s always got to be up to a woman whether or not she ends her pregnancy. The government has no place in that decision. Women should be in control of their bodies, not the government. El Salvador outlawed ending pregnancy and they have actually had government agents serve search warrants to inspect women’s uteruses for scars indicating surgery! Keep the government out of women’s bodies! Grady Kallenbach

And, the novelist and poet Marge Piercy wrote:

women have the constitutional right to control our bodies, but this right is being eroded. I grew up when this right was denied and lost my best friend who bled to death from a botched backstreet abortion. Women will decide whether it is permitted by the state or not. We always have.

You can still sign the petition, which we’re sending to Dr. Carhart.

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